The Perfect Storm for Silver: Mine Closures, Upside Bigger than Gold! – Gwen Preston Interview


Gold & Silver Prices to Skyrocket in 2016, Our Top Investment interview will expand your mind on mining stocks and gold & silver investing. She explains the bigger upside silver has, the current state of the bull market rally (which is about to pickup again) and covers other intriguing mining investments Uranium & Lithium.


01:15 Mining Stocks Rally & Correction: How to Judge the Cycle

06:35 No Rate Hike until After Election, Gold Seasonality Growth

08:05 Gold $1,400 By End of year, Mining Stocks to Rise More

10:45 Mining Sector vs Larger Stock market: Much Bigger Gains

13:45 Last Bull Market Mining Cost Climbed with Price

15:55 Uranium: How Long can Mining Cost be Higher than Spot Price

20:55 Can Uranium Bull Market be Separate of Gold & Silver’s?

23:30 The Great Prospect for Lithium as an Investment

25:45 Bubble Building in Lithium as Companies change Names

27:30 Silver Shortage Soon? Big Silver Mines Closing Down

31:45 Silver Stocks: Huge Gains vs Physical, More Upside vs Gold

36:15 Get more from Gwen & Final Thoughts, Bear vs Bull Markets

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